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Food Dryer

Suntec Systems also provides food dryers for sale as Food Dryers Manufacturer in India. The company deals with renewable energy dryers, Agriculture Dryer, that include the food dehydrator machine, veg dryer Food Dryer, and more, relying on solar energy even when most dryers in the market are made of fossil fuel or electrical energy.

Dryers that rely on drying toxic oils are rarely obtained from high temperatures, damaging the quality of the food. Electrical drying is deemed to be quite expensive for drying purposes. Solar energy while efficient depends on weather conditions for consistent utility.

Suntec systems offer Renewable Energy Dryers that rely on specific low temperatures, reducing the overall risk of nutritional loss from food products. This renewable energy dryer also doubles up as a commercial veg dryer for drying fruits and vegetables with efficiency while preserving their nutritional content.

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Food Dryer

Food Dryer | Veg Dryer | All in One Food Dryer Suntec Energy Systems

All In one Dryers – Food Dryer

Available Models:

SC RD 100HT, SC RD 200HT

Product Features:

  • Currently drying is carried out largely by use of fossil fuel, electrical energy or open to sky solar energy.
  • Solar energy depends upon weather, fossil fuel drying is high temperature which spoils the nutritional content of the product while electrical drying is very expensive.
  • For product quality optimization it should be dries at specific low temperature which reduces risk of nutrient loss from product.

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