Hot Water Boilers

As a prime Hot Water Boiler manufacturer, Suntec delivers Hot Water Boilers in India that meet varied domestic and commercial purposes. As an exclusive distributor for Riello hot water generators in the country, the company supplies Riello Burners that include a high-efficiency hot water boiler meant for domestic and commercial uses. The Hot Water Boilers in India of brands like Riello include flame reversal combustion chambers and flue gas pipes, designed for central heating. They are ideal for domestic hot water production too. The Tregi brand supplied by Suntec offers Hot Water Boilers for Commercial purposes made of cast iron 3-pass sectional boiler. These boilers include a wet base furnace with removable turbulators and flue passes with fins and available with pressure jet Oil or Gas burner with 90%+ efficiency.

Choose the Right Hot Water Boilers brands both for your needs and budget, from Suntec today!

Hot Water Boilers in India

Riello RTQ 3S
Riello Tregi