High temperature


High temperature

As one of the versatile industrial Heat Pump Manufacturers, Suntec delivers competent industrial heating solutions and high temperature heat pump for commercial use. As a comprehensive industrial heat pump manufacturer, we manufacture and supply high capacity models for high temperature heat pumps for different uses. These pumps carry an average water outlet temperature up to 80°C and boast of a capacity of up to 200 kW. Suntec offers the ideal Industrial Heat Pump in India to meet requirements with wide ambient range of 0-45°C.

As a major industrial Heat Pump Manufacturer, we ensure that our product is environment-friendly and an attempt to go green. It features inherent flow monitoring capabilities too. What’s more, it includes pressure switch and overload protector that helps in ensuring efficiency as an ideal industrial heat pump water heater for multiple industrial uses.

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High Temperature Heat Pump for Commercial & Industrial Use

Available Models:

SC H 200HT, SC H 640HT, SC H 2000HT

Product Features:

  • Water outlet temperature up 80’c
  • Capacity available up to 200 kW
  • Higher capacity models available on request
  • Wide ambient range 0-45’c
  • Environment friendly green refrigerant
  • Top brand scroll/screw compressor
  • Modbus connectivity
  • Protective system with Thermostat, Pressure switch & overload protector
  • Flow monitoring