Gas Trains

  • For Gas burner installation, pressure reduction & regulation is required to suit the specific application.
  • We have gastrains available which include safety & control device for gas feeding to the Burners.
  • We can supply gastrains for inlet pressure 500mbar, 2bar & 5bar as standard supply.
  • For higher pressure, gastrains are available on request.
  • Our standard gastrains are suitable for Natural Gas & LPG.
  • We supply gastrains for low calorific value gases like; Biogas, Producer etc.
  • All gastrains are manufactured & tested as international standard.

Combustion Air Fans

  • High efficiency combustion air fan for Industrial burners.
  • Fans are designed according to system requirement with correct air flow & delivery pressure, which ensure burner performance.
  • All fans are supplied as per user need & site condition
Oil Heating & Pumping Units | Suntec Energy Systems

Oil Heating & Pumping Units

  • Oil Heating & pumping skids are supplied for Industrial Dual block burners
  • Skids are suitable for Light oil; while for Heavy oil with oil preheater
  • All systems are manufactured as per international standard
  • Units are designed as per Indian fuel quality & specifications

Control Panels

  • Control panels are available in different structure & design for Burners, Heat Pumps & Hot water generators.
  • All Control panels are designed as per application & specific request from user.
  • On special request we provide Control panels with PLC, SCADA or HMI system.
  • All Control panels are designed as per international standard & components.

Storage Tanks

We design & supply water storage tanks for sanitary hot water for Domestic & Commercial use.

Domestic Use 

Wide capacity range from 150 to 1000 Liters for domestic use with Polyurethane insulation outside and ceramic or enamel coating inside. 

Commercial Use

Capacity range from 1500 to 10000 Liters for commercial use with Rockwool insulation outside & epoxy paint inside. We can supply Calorifier tank with inside heat exchanger. Tank material can be Mild Steel or Stainless steel.