Why are Industrial Gas Burners Used in India?


Why are Industrial Gas Burners Used in India?

Industrial Gas Burners in India
Industrial Gas Burners

A gas burner is a machine to generate a flame to heat products and an industrial gas burner mixes fuel and air to perform controlled combustion. Used for a wide variety of industrial applications like reheating, forging, melting, drying etc. they are led to a variety of construction patterns.

The various uses of gas burners are put into action because it helps maintain furnace pressure and can be turned down to a much lower range depending on burner size and furnace condition. Industrial gas burners manage the proximity of the temperature within a combustion chamber where an array of processes takes place. The gas and air are fed simultaneously into a combustion chamber in which holes have been drilled. These burners require an increased coefficient of excess air which is fed through the refractory slotted duct from where a unique flame and heat-release pattern can be regulated within the combustion chamber. This makes it easier for industrial gas burner manufacturers in India to provide uniform temperatures making it perfect for all types of production units.

What are Industrial Burner Types?

There are four types of Industrial Burners –

  • Regenerative Burners

Regenerative burners have two types of burners that are used in combustion applications one to use the exhaust heat and the other for firing. This enables the burners to reach higher air preheats using the heat exchanges and deliver higher efficiency with fewer emissions.

  • Cold Air Burners

The next in the range of industrial gas burner is the cold air burners that are often used for domestic purposes like heaters or gas furnaces. It has a unique feature to combine fuel and air at room temperature thus enabling them to be used in several products. Even it can be used for industrial purposes of ovens and boilers thus making it more in demand. 

  • Hot Air Burners

Among the industrial burners, hot air burners present low resistance to the passage of the gas therefore they are frequently employed in industrial settings that involves very high-temperature processes. Using a central heat-exchanging system the Hot-air burners preheat the inlet combustion air.

  • Oxy-Fuel Burners

Within the industrial gas burner design are of two types, the Oxy-fuel burners have high thermal efficiency as they emit less CO2. They use pure oxygen to burn with the fuel rather than combustion air thus making it quite expensive to use in industrial applications of welding and metalworking. Thus, industrial gas burner prices range differently according to their functional use.

Attributes to check before choosing Industrial Gas Burners

With so many types of industrial gas burner market with expanded processes choosing the best Burner can be a challenging process. Being careful while the selection process can save a lot of your money, ensure a proper operation and also give you the best results.

The special attributes to check before choosing any industrial gas burner manufacturers are as under –

  • The material should have durable finish standards
  • The structure should have a high tensile strength
  • Consider Relevant national standards and codes
  • Enable optimal performance
  • Have extended service life
  • Should have a sturdy construction
  • Should be master mounted in any facing orientation
  • Need to be equipped to use in any type of industry
  • Calculate the capacity to use it in your particular process
  • Understand the turndown performance to manage various load sizes
  • Check for the temperature performance
  • Know the method to operate the burner
  • Figure Out Flame Geometry to be aware of cross velocities
  • Investigate Ignition either pilot or direct spark
  • Available emissions requirements
  • Check Fuel type

Uses of Industrial Gas Burners

  • Industrial gas burners manage the temperature of the whole manufacturing facility.
  • Provides high dependability, high efficiency, and low pollution within the production line.
  • Industrial Gas Burners are used in various sectors of combustion systems.
  • Provides heat to infuse endothermic reactions to process chemicals in a chemical processing unit.
  • Industrial Gas Burners help in melting the glass to produce new types or recycle the old ones in the glass production industry.
  • Plays an important role in processing paper from the wood pulp through the heating procedure and converting it to several paper products within the paper manufacturing industry.
  • Used in the metallurgical industry where industrial gas burners provide extreme temperatures to oxidise or smelt the metals to produce the metals in different forms.
  • This proves to be critical for the mining industry where industrial gas burners maximize the release of heat from burning fuels and prove to be effective in the treatment of minerals.
  • Even in the Hospitality and Food industry, industrial gas burners are used considerably for baking, cooking and processing food.

Consider the uses and attributes of the industrial gas burners before making the purchase. Investing in the right gas burner will do your business a world of good.