Industrial Gas Burner Types and Specifications

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Gas Burner constitutes one of the most prominent parts of industries. For some industries, it is impossible to imagine working without a Gas Burner. Industrial Gas Burner is an important device that generates a flame to heat up products using gaseous fuel. These gaseous fuels may include- acetylene, natural gas, or propane.

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Industrial Gas Burner Specification:

Since its inception, Industrial gas burners have become a prominent part of the industrial sector. Experts have come a far way with Gas Burner Designs and specifications.

The mixer and the burner nozzle, which also houses the stabilizing device, play the most important roles in gas burners. Industrial Gas Burner Design may vary in accordance with the function and operating conditions of the gas burner.

Diffusion Gas Burners: In these burners, gas and air are delivered into a combustion chamber and mixed together. They are mostly mounted on the walls of a firebox or furnace. Diffusion Gas Burners are commonly utilized in industrial furnaces and boilers where maintaining a consistent temperature across the combustion front is critical. Diffusion gas burners are required in various operations, such as glass-making furnaces, open-hearth furnaces, and other furnaces where the combustion air is heated to high temperatures. Above the temperature at which the fuel gas and air ignite. In certain types of hot water boilers, diffusion gas burners perform effectively.

Hearth Gas Burners: These burners are made up of one or more gas-distribution tubes with holes perforated in them. The combustion of the gas jets goes out of the holes in the tube starting in the refractory duct and stops within the furnace in such a device. Hearth Gas Burners have a low resistance to gas flow, thus they don’t require a forceful blast to operate.

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Types Of Industrial Gas Burners:

Generally, There Are The Following Types Of Industrial Burners-:

  • Cold air (ambient air): These burners are found on residential devices such as gas furnaces and ranges.
  • Hot air (recuperative): The incoming combustion air is preheated by a central heat exchanger component in these burners.
  • Regenerative: These burners utilize a pair of burners that exchanges between firing and exhausting. Preheating an integral regenerative heat exchanger results in higher air preheats.
  • Oxy-fuel: These burner uses pure oxygen instead of combustion air to burn with the fuel.

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