How Do Hot Water Boilers Work?

Hot Water Boilers in India

Hot Water Boilers are systems used mainly in tall buildings and other large facilities for commercial or industrial uses. With generating steam, these boilers provide hot water supply to occupants within the buildings and, in some cases, even generate power, especially for industrial purposes. In health care units, these Hot Water Boilers prove beneficial in distributing thermal energy and providing comfortable heating to spaces.

Most of the Hot Water Boiler Suppliers classify boilers with different factors:

  • Pressure And Temperature
  • Fuel Type
  • Form Of Heating
  • Heating Method
  • Draft Method
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Efficiency

Working System of A Hot Water Boiler

Hot Water Boiler Heating Systems rely on three parameters: pressure, volume, and temperature, which make it easier to disperse the hot water in your homes. The heating system is efficient and safe because it radiates hot water through many pumps.

Let’s See How The Hot Water Boiler System Works:-

  • Firstly, the thermostat needs heat
  • The heat is radiated from the hot water in the radiator and converts water to either steam or hot water 
  • It will disperse heat by heating water via a radiator which will slowly heat the boiler heating system
  • In some cases, an oil or gas burner is used to heat the water
  • Then it will pump hot water into the system
  • After that, the pumps will wait to set the water at the desired temperature
  • The radiators release heat inside the home through the pipes
  • Then in a while, the extra hot volume water will pass into an expansion tank
  • Then after the water cools, it returns to the boiler through a separate pump
  • And lastly, the cooled water is rerouted back to the boiler to be reheated and recycled for future heating

What are the Different Types of Hot Water Boilers?

There are different types of boilers used in homes and businesses, from which below we will mention some of them to make you familiarize.

  • Steam Boilers

These steam boilers convert hot water and create steam for their convenient system. The steam is automatically pumped from the radiator, while after it is cooled, it is recycled again back into the boiler for a repeat heating process.

  • Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers are the common ones that simply pump hot water through the assembled radiators.

  • Natural Gas Boiler

A natural gas boiler is usually the cheaper boiler that uses natural gas to function. It either uses a pilot light or an electric start to warm the heating coils in the boiler or heats the “heat exchanger”.

  • Instant Hot Water Boilers

The latest one in the list of boilers that made a breakaway in the traditional boilers is the instant hot water boilers. Considered hot water boilers for a home, they give instant hot water for personal domestic purposes.

  • Fire-Tube Boiler

The Fire -Tube boiler is one of the salient Hot water boilers of industrial use. They are fairly simple in construction wherein the tubes inside the water tank carry the heat and the heating effect from the furnace vents the smokestack. Then without the pressure rising above the intended level generates the steam, thus making it the cheapest type of boiler for industrial use.

  • Water-Tube Boiler

Like a Fire-tube boiler, the water tube boiler has one different aspect. It uses a furnace to heat water tubes. Hot Water Boiler Manufacturers prefer this boiler only for thermal efficiency as it is a little bit complex to construct, unlike other ones, thus making it a limiting factor.

  • Oil Boilers

Like gas boilers, oil boilers perform the same function: they use oil to heat the heat exchanger. It mainly requires a tank to store the oil, and therefore these boilers are generally more expensive than their counterparts. Many of the Hot Water Boiler Suppliers promote oil boilers in rural areas with a limited supply of natural gas.

  • Electric Boilers

These electric boilers are the best alternative for natural gas. The function and system of these boilers are slightly different from gas and oil burners as it uses electrical power to transfer heat directly to water. Therefore, they are regarded as environmentally friendly and efficient boilers of our time.


The primary purpose of all boilers is to generate and transfer heat to the right place. So, understanding its importance as versatile engineering equipment, you can use these hot water boilers successfully for domestic and industrial and commercial levels. We hope that by now you may have got an overview of the short introduction to hot water boilers and got an idea about Hot Water Boilers Price in India.