Advanced Features of Heat Pump

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What is Heat Pump?

Technology is growing at an incredible pace. The fastest-growing technology is the only reason behind the growth of any industry. Adapting new technology not only accelerates growth but also keeps you updated with industry norms. In this race of updates, Heat Pump stand high. Heat pumps have been updated with new features that have enhanced their performance.

A heat pump is a synonym for energy-saving system that can produce up to four units of heat for every one unit of electricity it consumes, while offering high-efficiency cooling in the summer it is ideal for use in mid and large industrial applications.

Principle Of Operation Heat Pump, Heat Pump And Refrigerator

Heat pumps are designed in a way that they use temperature differential methods between indoor and outdoor air to generate heated or cooled air, making them highly energy-efficient. It might not be wrong to say that these heat pumps don’t generate heat at all, but simply move heat into your home in the winter and out of your home during summer.

Features To Look For In Heat Pumps:

Technology is advancing every year and it makes it difficult for buyers to choose the best from so many options. We are here to help you. Following are some of the best features that you must consider before choosing the best for you.

Heat Pump Thermodynamics

One of the Latest and top technologies in that the direction of the heat transferred can be reversed to further create a warm air in Cool and winter air in summer.

Dual Heat Pumps

A dual Heat Pump or reversible heat pump is one of the latest developments in heat pump thermodynamics. A reversible heat pump comes with two HVAC appliances attached in one. This technology not only acts as a two-in-one pump but also saves up to 30 to 40 per cent on your heating bills.  These Heat Pumps are designed in such a way that they can switch from harvesting outdoor air to a compatible combustion furnace that is equipped with a burner that uses gas or propane.

Advanced Compressor Options
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Heat Pump

The compressor is one of the important components of heat pumps. Choosing the compressor wisely is very important. This compressor act as one of the most important elements in your heat pump that alters the pressure of the refrigerant, which allows it to carry heat. The latest development in this technology is known as the Scroll compressor that operates far more efficiently and quietly than earlier versions of compressors known as piston compressors. It not only works effectively but also lasts longer.

These are also known as a dual-speed compressor as when temperatures are mild throughout the year, it runs at a lower speed which lowers energy consumption.

Piston compressors comparatively consume lots of energy, incur heavy wear and tear, and offer shorter service life. Scroll compressors deliver full output, and automatically shift to reduced output that helps in lesser Electrical consumption.

Speed Motor Options

Earlier Heat Pumps used to have only one motor speed, which made them run at full capacity all the time. But the latest update of using Variable speed motors that comes with two speeds allows the heat pump fan to better adjust to the heating or cooling capacity needed at that moment.

This update plays very vital role by moving air more quietly and comfortably, minimizing drafts and also incredibly saves electricity. Variable speed heat pumps are also compatible with zoned HVAC systems.

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