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Industrial Burners & System Components

DB Series

The new DB burners platform represents the evolution in Riello Burners industrial product range. They are dual block burners for application in big plants (district heating, hospitals) as well as in food, chemicals, textile industry for matching with hot water boilers, steam and thermal oil generators.

ER Series

The industrial burners ER series are designed especially for water tube boilers used in big civil installations and industrial processes with a remarkable thermal demand. These burners allow to realise a modular and fl exible combustion system adding a preparation fuel unit (regulation pressure group set, preheating/pumping oil station), a gas train, a control panel and a fan.

Gas Train

Pressure reduction and regulation units allow to bring gas pressure available in the line to values suited to the specific application. Gas trains include a series of safety and control devices for gas feeding to the burner. They are constructed and supplied with two different selection options (separated or assembled units).

Combustion Air Fan

Air supply fans allow to bring comburent air through the adduction channel to the combustion head in pressure and delivery conditions required from the application. The air delivery processed from the fan is in a correct proportion to the fuel to guarantee the required burner output with a safe combustion. Performance tables help the fan selection among the available models.

Burner Control Panels

Burner control panels are available in different structural versions, such as wall-mounted and desk tpye (on request). The automatic control system makes the logical integration of whole combustion system. The customisation of this logic is carried out with the different type of combustion process and in compliance with the main safety norms.