Biomass Energy Solutions

Biomass Energy Solutions

Biomass Energy Solutions

Biomass Pellet Burner

Biomass (straw, bamboo powder, wood chips) pellet burners are best option to replace Oil/Gas bumers, to save 30-80% of the fuel cost, energy saving and environment protection. For conversion, there is no need to change entire existing system. Need to replace only existing burner or combustion system with Pellet burner system.

Biomass Hot Water Boiler

Biomass combustion technology - a completely smoke and tar free full combustion with no waste water discharge and complies with environmental requirements.Unique heating equipment with thermal efficiency up to 96%, & flue gas temperature below 80°C.

Biomass Hot Air Generator

Biomass Hot Air Generator is based on biomass as fuel and air as medium, efficient heat transfer equipment. It can provide continuous & dust free clean hot air flow at uniform temperature & pressure.The equipment is simple with automatic temperature control, high safety and easy maintenance. Operating cost is significantly lower compared to traditional fuel equipment.

Biomass Aluminium Melting Furnace

Biomass Aluminum melting furnace is a crucible furnace with burning, melting & insulation capabilities with premium design & highest automation. It is majorly used in melting & smelting of Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Cadmium and other low melting non-ferrous metals as well as supports di-cast function. It can be used for liquid aluminum insulation also. Being user friendly as well as environment friendly, it possess other attributes like low operating cost, easy operation / maintenance. and most importantly widely acceptable in its appliance field. Its greatest advantage is that it curbs the luel cost by 30 to 60% compared to costs incurred with traditional fuels (Oil/Gas).